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Hvar: A Dalmatian Island Paradise

Violet-hued hills covered in fragrant flowers, gorgeous pristine beaches, secluded inlets and well-preserved medieval walkways are but a few of the enchantments found on the Croatian island paradise named Hvar. Located off the Dalmatian coast, the island’s fertile land offers visitors a wealth of natural wonders; pine forests, lavender fields and fresh water springs – which are quite unusual in this part of the country.


 Combine all this with excellent restaurants, a vibrant, exciting nightlife plus a full-service luxury yacht marina – and you begin to understand how Hvar has managed to seduce its well-heeled visitors for years.

Boasting long summer days and mild winters, the island’s busiest destination, Hvar Town, is worth a visit no matter what time of the year. An important cultural hub in medieval times, this tiny town features ornate Gothic palaces, a fortress on the hill, marbled pedestrian streets and a stunning square considered to be the largest in Croatia. Other points on the island worth a visit include Stari Grad – the oldest village in Europe – and Jelsa which offers the most interesting vegetation and sources of fresh water.

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Activities abound for even the most indecisive of travelers. Nature lovers can partake in hikes across the scenic landscape, history and architecture enthusiasts can enjoy visits to local landmarks such as the 17th St. Stephen Cathedral with its enormous bell tower, while adventure seekers can opt to sail to the neighboring Pakleni islands or other unspoiled islets nearby. And when the sun goes down revelers can dance the night away in an energetic frenzy in the coastal bars Carpe Diem, Hula Hula and clubs or on their very own charted luxury yacht.

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Hvar is one of the stunning destinations available to Navis Yacht Charter clients as part of our itineraries in Croatia. For more information about luxury yacht charters and other exclusive services, contact us at our NYC office or fill out our convenient Yacht Booking Form. We are at your service to answer your queries promptly and to your total satisfaction.



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