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What’s there to do this summer in Croatia

Seductive glamour reins in a scene saturated with Slavic looks and European style. Legends were built out of it. Wars were fought for it. Many a romance was started on it. By day, a dazzling crystal clear sea sprinkled with fishing boats, mega yachts, and 1,600 islands transfixes the eyes which gaze upon it.
Ab Croatia 1By night, it mirrors the shimmering lights and flickering candles of shore side villas and cafes. With beach options spanning from remote havens to saturated party scenes, Croatia’s abundance of sea side will delight all senses.
With rising international acclaim for having one of the most stunning coastlines in the world, a glamorous, globe-trotting socialite revels why Croatia is the New Riviera.
Behold Absolute World Croatia, the hottest place in Med Sea and one stop spot for discovering what’s hot in a country much of the world doesn’t even know exists. Like a private club with a secret code for the privileged, revels why you need to be there now.
Equipped with an alluring writing style, a fierce sense of sophistication, and strong entrepreneurial DNA, this savvy citizen of the world decided to present favorite destination on a silver platter for the rest of the world to envy.

Ab Croatia 2 1 Dancing at Carpe Diem on the Island of Hvar…
Ab Croatia 2 2 sipping espressos on Split’s new Riva…
Ab Croatia 2 3 …or lounging seaside at East Side West Beach Club in Dubrovnik?


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