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Choosing a Yacht Charter Service Mediterranean – Yacht Expert Shares Tips

For many of those looking for a yacht charter service to take their loved ones on a vacation or to conduct a business event aboard, getting a reliable service may be difficult. However, with some tips from experts in the business, one can succeed in her search. Navis Yacht Charter (NYC), shares his tips and advice here…

Yacht Expert Shares Tips

NYC offers multiple yachting services in the industry including yacht charter Mediterranean, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and French Riviera.

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Parting with tips on finding the right yacht charter service, NYC staff suggests clients have a clear idea about the destination they want to visit, in the first place. This is important because not all charter companies operate in the Med Sea. Some service providers limit yacht charter to specific regions.

By being clear on the destination, one can search for companies that operate within these regions. In case of indecision, a little research online about yachting destinations can give ideas.

With a clear destination in mind, the next move is to locate a charter service operating in the area. Seek advice from friends and family about a charter service they’ve previously used, advises NYC ; question them about the service and if they were satisfied with it. This way, one reduces the chances of ending up with a company that doesn’t deliver on its promise.


If a primary list of charter companies is ready, one can use online resources such as travel blogs, forums and service review sites, to know what others are saying about a specific charter company. Many people who have used the services of a company can provide feedback. Such sites can also provide suggestions on other reliable companies.

Visit the website of shortlisted yacht charters companies. Most of the charter firms today have a website, and they can give various insights into the company including the contact address, details of yacht services and destinations served, and the company history to know their experience in the industry.

Contact the company. People must convey their requirements budget, type of yacht charter and destination clearly. They must also inquire about yacht availability and the facilities available onboard (for example crew, food and laundry).


Check for certifications as well. Certifications demonstrate the performance of the company and adherence to service standards, both of which are important for clients to get an idea about the kind of service they can expect.

Check how fast the customer service team is in responding to inquiries. It’s better to drop a company that is too laidback or provides unsatisfactory answers.

Yacht charter for business or pleasure is valuable in terms of money and efforts that clients invest and the experience they derive. It’s therefore important to choose a right yacht charter company to create a pleasantly memorable experience.

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